Gary & Michelle interviewed by Jere Metcalf with Compass in Atlanta


November 29, 2018

Gary and Michelle Dolch, top real estate agents in Austin, Texas with Compass AustinLuxury Group join Jere to share How to Dominate the Multi-Million Dollar Market.

Show Notes

  • How Gary and Michelle got into the real estate business (2:15)
  • What gives Gary and Michelle their edge over the competition (10:04)
  • Balancing clients, The Recession, and listings (14:41)
  • The difference between $100,000 listings vs $50 million listings (19:06)
  • Experiences from different industries (23:38)
  • Goals (25:49)
  • Listing presentations (28:08)
  • Selling points (32:53)
  • Biggest “aha moment” in the real estate business (43:29)

Resources / People Mentioned

Favorite Tool 

  • SingleSite Website
  • Social Media
  • MapRight
  • Compass Collections

Books Mentioned 

The One Thing

“Focus on your client and client care; staying in front of your client and staying in touch with them. Clients should be a lifetime asset.” – Michelle

“Be authentic. Do what you’re good at and identify with what you need to be doing in the market.” – Gary

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