Homes for Sale in Tarrytown

Homes for Sale in Tarrytown


One of the most popular neighborhoods in the Austin area is Tarrytown. Its popularity is due in large part to its location between downtown and Lake Austin and the type of homes that are found throughout. Tarrytown is ripe with historical and remodeled homes and offers an appealing blend of “old Austin” and modern convenience. Many residents value the small town feel of the area, running into neighbors at area parks, stores, and schools, while still being only moments away from downtown businesses and museums.

Homes in Tarrytown are varied. Potential buyers will find a mix ranging from small, restored but near original cottages, to remodeled and expanded homes, to new estate homes. A few Tarrytown homes in the western portion will be lakeside along Lake Austin and fetch the highest valuations. In general, homes in Tarrytown are priced higher than many areas of town, due to their quality and location. Homes are upscale and often will range into the millions.

We have several listings in Tarrytown (see Meriden Lane) most are kept private.


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