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We often hear a version of the following question, “Why does having a proven Austin, Texas real estate agent matter—aren’t they are all about the same?” If you’ve ever wondered something similar, here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider investing some effort to a finding top-notch Austin real estate agent. 1. The value of experience. There’s no substitute for experience and Gary and Michelle have been active full-time Austin agents for over 15 years. Even the Austin, Texas agents with the rawest talent will not have seen enough transactions in their first couple of years to have developed a level of true expertise. Experience will give a top Austin real estate agent the perspective to know when a deal is going sideways, to know how to deliver what a client really needs (even if they can’t articulate it themselves), to know the inventory in a market inside and out, to spot a property priced below market, etc. 2. Time savings. Top Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle know how to save their clients time. For buyers, that means avoiding properties that are not within budget or that don’t match the client’s sense of style. For sellers, it means not wasting time on unqualified buyers, setting listing prices unreasonably high just to win the listing, or pursuing unproductive marketing tactics. 3. Neighborhood/property type knowledge. Top Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle often specialize in a certain neighborhood and/or property type. When specializing in a certain neighborhood, they will typically know everything there is to know about that neighborhood—the best shops, the various schools, the most interesting bars and restaurants, etc.  If an Austin real estate agent specializes in a property type, like waterfront property for example, they will know trustworthy contractors, maintenance issues specific to waterfront, Lake Austin issues, etc. They’ve typically seen it all before and can provide invaluable advice. Austin can be a difficult and expensive place in which to make property mistakes; having an experienced adviser can make a huge difference. 4. Price guidance. Great Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle generally have a better sense of the current real estate market than anyone—even appraisers. That’s because the top agents are typically involved in many simultaneous listings and/or searches in the neighborhoods they cover. Top Austin real estate agents have a real feel for the pulse of today’s market, while an appraiser is typically looking relying on historical data to determine value. On the sales side, too often inexperienced agents, or agents that don’t do many transactions, will miss-price a home. They typically price a property too high to win the listing, thus forcing a property to sit on the market and lose its appeal. On the buy side, rookie Austin real estate agents often just don’t have enough experience to recognize a good deal. 5. They know the other pros. Great Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle network with other related professionals that provide services that you will need to buy or sell, such as lawyers, movers, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, etc. They know which vendors have a reputation for honesty, competency, and competitive pricing. 6. Negotiation skills. Top Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle are typically great negotiators because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction. And they’ve played the game countless times. They are not just delivering offers and counter-offers. They are professionals who are trained to represent their client’s interests and get deals closed. 7. Understanding of new construction transactions. Top Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle that work with custom homes typically know most of the new developments in the area and how they compare with each other. They will also know each development’s backstory—how financially solid a project is, the relationship between the builder and the developer, the relative build-quality of the construction, etc. 8. Ability to navigate the condo scene. Condos represent the majority of the inventory in certain markets, such as downtown Austin. Each condo development has a unique personality. Some are highly exclusive, some operate more like a hotel such as The W, The Austonian and The Residences at The Four Seasons. The best Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle know the condo scene extremely well and can guide their clients to the condos that are best suited to their personality, living goals, and financial capability. 9. Stress relief. Working with a proven, intelligent Austin, Texas real estate agents like Gary and Michelle who knows their business inside and out, provides excellent customer service, and comes with the highest recommendations can relieve the majority of the stress of buying or selling a home. Everyone wants to feel like they are in the hands of a confident professional working in their best interest.  Too often, however, the opposite happens—an inherently stressful process is made much, much more stressful due to the efforts of an inexperienced, unprofessional agent. One behavior pattern we often see is that a low-quality agent doesn’t know what they don’t know and presents a false sense of confidence in order to cover-up their shortcomings. This has predictably disastrous results. 10. Reputation matters. A top Austin, Texas real estate agent’s reputation will often precede them like Gary and Michelle. This can benefit their clients in both subtle and direct ways. For example, well-know, well-respected agent’s calls may be returned more quickly, their clients may be taken more seriously, negotiations may come to a close more smoothly, last-minute showings accommodated more easily, marketing materials produced less expensively, etc. One more bonus reason: their rolodex. Top Austin, Texas real estate agents often have a “wait list” of buyers that have not found what they want and are waiting on the sidelines. If your home fits their specifications, a top Austin real estate agent will sometimes be able to make a quick sale at a strong price (this happens more often on the high-end). On the other side of the coin, if you are a buyer and nothing on the market suits you, top agents may be able to source deals that are not officially listed. They may know of 1) potential sellers that are about to list, 2) potential sellers that were on the market but recently delisted, or 3) potential sellers that just need a live buyer to motivate them to take action.
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