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Excellence vs. Perfection

Famous football coach Bill Walsh was known for demanding perfection from his players during practices, even though he knew they would never attain it. His philosophy was if you don't strive for perfection, you don't have a chance to achieve it. As professional Realtors, we follow the same philosophy; plan for perfection to attain excellence. Like Coach Walsh, we don't stand a chance of delivering an excellent new home that satisfies a client's wants and needs if we don't set and expect the highest standards possible. In the pursuit of excellence, we coach our homebuyers about the buying process so that their expectations are high but realistic. We want our homebuyers to push and challenge us to always do better, but it is also our job to define excellence ... and point out the difference between it and perfection. Our best and most effective method for doing that is listening. Really listening. Not just to find out which home style a client prefers, but why and how it will satisfy their lifestyle needs. Not just about which community they want to live in, but also their concerns and questions about the quality of nearby schools, proximity to shopping and public services, and commute routes to work. In this discovery phase, we craft a strategy for a new home that truly addresses and justifies our client's reasons for making such a significant investment and sets us on course to deliver it according to those expectations. It is also critical to maintain a regular and open line of communication during the search process. As during the planning stage, our first job is to listen to and then educate and inform our buyers about the subtleties of the areas in the Austin market that are specific to their concerns. Responding to a buyer's question with "that's just the way it is" or "it's complicated" is unacceptable. Instead, we strive to deliver details, demonstrate our methods, and ensure that questions are answered to a buyer's satisfaction. That approach and level of respect for our buyers helps build a better understanding of our process all the way through the close of escrow. Finally, a key component of delivering excellence comes after the sale, once a buyer becomes a homeowner. We make sure to communicate and offer client services after the sale -- once again demonstrating the difference between perfection and excellence. Ideally, we've done an excellent job of finding their new home to the point where we want our clients to call on us for help and we work to be responsive and responsible to address them in a timely fashion. As a homebuyer and owner, it's okay to want the "perfect" home. The best we can do, however, is to strive for perfection and achieve excellence that satisfies the lifestyle needs of our clients and protects their investment now and well into the future. Warm Regards, Gary and Michelle Dolch

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